Thursday, February 23, 2012

URL's to Learn Malware Analysis, RCE

Following links will be pretty useful to learn Malware Analysis, Reverse Code Engineering(RCE) etc.

Debugging Book

Step 1: Learn C/C++/Delphi etc. You can't reverse engineer if you can't forward engineer.
Step 2: Learn x86 assembly - (includes videos)
Step 3: Learn x86 architecture - (includes videos)
Step 4: Learn PE binary format - (includes videos)
Step 5: Learn about IDA & general RE thought process - (video pending)
Step 6: Learn about some stealth malware techniques - (includes videos)
Step 7: Learn more by encouraging other people to submit their own class material -

check it out:
another awesome tuts:

Some Sites

Live Malware Samples

Other useful sources

Suspicious files can be analyzed at

Malicious PDF Files

Android Malware Samples

For Mac OS X related resources, refer

Sysinternal's Tool Suite
Exeinfo PE/ PEiD
CFF Explorer

Let me know new sites, will update the same here :-) !!!