Thursday, January 22, 2009

AXIS Bank Phishing1...Be Careful !

I has been seeing these mails from long time. I never used to open such mails, instead delete the mails. This time thought of writing about the issue. Got a mail from "AXIS Bank" (fake) with Subject "AXIS Bank Security Service Notification (IMPORTANT)". When opened, the mail looks like

We can find the following URL in the mail
When we hover mouse over the URL we can see
link below the page.
The page below is original AXIS BANK's login page
When we click the link in the mail it will redirect us to the URL
and the page looks like
This is the phishing page used by attackers to collect user names and passwords.
If you click "Submit" tab below radio button's it'll reidrect to other page which asks for ATM Pin !!
Safe Surfing...Enjoy!!!