Saturday, March 28, 2009

ZEBRA Protocol and BitTorrent !

I was just checking my mails. Got bored, started Wireshark!!!

To my surprise I saw packets with Zebra Protocol over TCP port 27756.

I didn't understand which application is using this protocol. I googled for the same which said that Zebra is a routing protocol, I was not convinced with the result.

I further analyzed the Packet Capture and used netstat, Task Manager etc. from which I came to know that BitTorrent is using Zebra Protocol. One more thing to add, BitTorrent also uses "BitTorrent" Protocol for communication over TCP.

Further analysis of the PCAP and googling gave information like Zebra is a streaming protocol for P2P communication.

To know about Google Talk Jabber protocol communication with wireshark captures follow below link

For Bittorrent detection signatures

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