Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Listing AWS Public EBS Snapshots

Create Volume Permissions

The create volume permissions fall into the following categories:

       o public : The owner of the snapshot granted create volume  permissions
         for  the snapshot to the all group. All AWS accounts have create vol-
         ume permissions for these snapshots.

       o explicit : The owner of the snapshot granted  create  volume  permis-
         sions to a specific AWS account.

       o implicit  : An AWS account has implicit create volume permissions for
         all snapshots it owns.


 o owner-alias  - Value from an Amazon-maintained list (amazon | self
            | all | aws-marketplace | microsoft ) of snapshot owners.  Not  to
            be  confused  with the user-configured AWS account alias, which is
            set from the IAM console.

Run aws ec2 describe-snapshots help to get the help for command in scope.

Below command lists public EBS snapshots
praveend$ aws ec2 describe-snapshots --profile pd-dev --region us-east-1 --output table --filters Name=owner-alias,Values=all