Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HTTP DDoS Mitigations

Multiple get requests to a specific resource which need resources to generate the response might lead to a DoS/DDoS condition.

Client tells the web server how large the message body is,say, “Content-Length = 800” but is sent with huge latency say 1 byte per 100 seconds.

Load balancers
Reverse Proxies
Attacker ---- Reverse Proxy ---- Original Server
Reverse Proxy serves the resources hiding original Web Server
Delayed binding
TCP slicing
Monitoring Header, request patterns
Malware/Bots/Scripts have a specific request patterns unlike human.
Invalid User-Agents, same packet size, dynamic referrers
Detection of rotating IP Addresses, User-Agent's, Referrers

Apache Mitigation mechanisms
LimitRequestBody directive

Akamai provides a real-time mapping info

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