Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cain and Abel: Password Cracking

Cain and Abel is a Password recovery and Cracking tool using Dictionary, Bruteforce and Cryptanalysis on Windows Operating Systems.

Step 1: Open Cain and Abel, click on "Cracker". On the left column we can see different Cracking Techniques. Select the Cracker which you are interested in, here,  "LM & NTLM Hashes".

Step 2: After selecting "LM & NTLM Hashes", you can see + sign getting highlighted. Click on it. We can see different users present on this machine.

Step 3: Select the user for which you want to know/crack the password. We have different Password Cracking Techniques like Dictionary Attaks, Bruteforce Password guessing, Cryptanalysis Attacks etc. One you select the type of Cracking, go for "LM Hashes" or "NTLM Hashes"

Step 4: Below screenshot shows while cracking is going on.

Step 5: Screen shot showing the cracked password. Passwords are divided into two blocks of 7 characters each. On each block we calculate the LM Hash which is of 8 byte . "T" is the character present in password,  part of second block of hash. "IAMGREA" are characters present in password, part of first block of hash.

Step 6: Cracked Screen shot. Final. Enjoy !!!
Username: praveen
Password: iamgreat

Enjoy Cracking Passwords !
Strictly for educational purposes!!! Have Fun ;-)

The method described above is an offline cracking of passwords. You can crack  passwords online but chances of getting caught may be very high by Perimeter security devices(IDS, IPS, Web Gateways etc).

Read below article which explains how to build an open source IDS/IPS, Snort.

For sample Snort Rule/Signature structure


  1. bhai ye start pe click karne k baad kuch karta hi nhi h lol

  2. Did you follow the steps as I said above....
    What error did u get?

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